Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great Exercise to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

This week I thought I would start by adding something new to the blog. So I have put together a video on the one exercise, that is feared by many, but guaranteed to get you the results you want. It goes by many names but the one I have come to know and love is "Burpee." It is a great total body exercise with a myriad of varieties and difficulty levels. This will keep your body asking itself "what the heck was that?" as you build lean muscle and blast away excess fat!

If you are a beginner exerciser than a word of caution, stay at the level one variation until you can master 10-12 perfect form burpees in 30 seconds before progressing. If you experience any pain anywhere when doing this exercise then have someone look at your form to see if you look all in a mess.

The video gives you a sample workout that you can try with this new exercise, that as rumor has it, was used as a torture device for prisoners of war in the Middle Ages (not really but after you have tried it you can see how it could have:) Speaking of prisoners, a good source inside said this is one of their favorite exercises because it is a total body workout and they can do it in the comfort of the cell!

For those of you that don't know we are headed to Tenrife in the Canary Islands for a weeks holiday and I am planning on filming some more great bodyweight workouts that you can take anywhere! There is also a volcano there so I might do some lava luging, or maybe not. Enjoy the video and we would love to hear your comments after you have had a go at the Burpee!

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