Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Top 4 Worst and or Funniest Pieces of Exercise Equipment

I was just thinking back today to a time when I was in university and I had a roommate/flatmate who had purchased just about every ab gadget that was currently on the market. That was the time of the ab swing/chair, and the electric shock ab belts and my roomie had both of those beauties. Of course, in University at that time, studies were furthest from our minds and girls were at the forefront. So ofcourse some well defined six pack abs were the number 1 priority on our list, next to partying. We were playing American Football at that time so we were training hard but our nutrition was terrible. Many of us had a bit of a pooch, gut or spare tire that we planned on zapping and swinging away with our new gadgets. Needless to say it only took one treatment of the electro shock therapy to the abs, and the burns to match, to spark a light bulb, pardon the pun, in our thick heads.

The ab swing didn't help us much in our quest for sizzling six pack abs, but it did give us major lower back pain, with a side of dizziness. Our search continued but only until we found out that diet was the culprit did we lean down. This memory, however, triggered thoughts on what other crazy bums and tums equipment was out there and it lead me to a treasure trove of junk that makes you laugh and cringe at the same time. Below are a few of my favorites and I would love to hear about some of yours as well:

Hawaii Chair: This is simply one of my most favorite ones of all time and I laugh everytime that I see it. I can clearly picture all you busy business men and women having the Hawaii Chair at work:) Ellen Degeneres has a great time on the chair on her show, so funny!

Shake Weight: This one definitely has to have some sort of warning label attached to it because if this gets away from you, it could shake a hole through your floor or even jump out of your hands right into your face :0

Ab Circle Pro: This is another one that I found interesting. I will let you judge how well this could work for you. Some of the exercises look a bit inappropriate to do in a large gym. Which leads me to my last piece of equipment and it is one that I have considered trying on numerous occasions:)

Pole Dancing
: The first video is one that, yes, could get you a great workout if done properly but with the technique involved and with a teacher like the one in the video you would get a better workout boxing the teacher after, than you do from falling from the pole, hilarious. This other video is a funny pole dancing beer commerical I thought I would add for a few more laughs.

The one thing these gadgets can gurantee, besides six pack abs, toned sexy arms and bums, is a trip to the hospital room, physio, or chiropractor.

Yours in Good Health,


  1. Glad you enjoyed the videos as much as I did Michelle! I will try to find some more quality gems for you.